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Intravenous infusion is the most commonly used clinical treatment, but fluid in victims of the cold season, due to lower liquid temperature, often resulting in cold extremities of patients, cannabis,and even full-body chills and victims of war to fight, often to patients adverse reaction, resulting in microcirculatory blood flow velocity decreased, the impact of treatment.  Especially in postoperative patients, infants, elderly patients, fever patients at the end of infusion temperature often caused by large temperature drop; and at the end of the body temperature can lead to many complications, such as blood coagulation dysfunction, slow wound healing, prolonged hospitalization, drug metabolism lower speed and so on.
 Fluid heating device is designed for fall and winter seasons and an ambient temperature of the region at the end of infusion than design; the use of GS-YW-A-type fluid heating device prior to the importation of indirectly heating the liquid to reduce the importation of liquid blood and the body temperature, can be improved the patient's mental state, the elimination of a variety of complications, patients can significantly reduce pain and promote the rehabilitation of patients, reflecting concern for humanity.

[Technical parameters]
 DC24VA Heating input power box: DC24VA
 44桫48 Security Classification: -type B-type heating tank temperature: 44 ~ 48
  2ml/min 12ml/minʱΪ20 39  1505627mm
170g Needle output fluid temperature: 2ml/min ~ 12ml/min at 20 ~ 39 size between: 150 56 27mm Weight: 170g
3.0 4.0mm The application of tube diameter: 3.0 ~ 4.0mm

 Scope of application:
1, during and after the infusion in patients with heating;
2, first aid and conventional clinical heating fluid;
3, nasal feeding diet warming;
4, bladder irrigation fluid warming;
5, the elderly, newborns and children, heating fluid;
 6, intravenous infusion of nutrient solution temperature

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